February 3, 2010

The 52 Week Outreach Challenge!

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I am starting this blog to record a challenge that I have created for myself to reach out to others once a week in a very tangible way!  For those of you that know me, you know that my heart is Outreach!  I once had a job as an Outreach Pastor in Colorado and in this position it was my job to plan an outreach (sometimes 3-4 a week) for the church.  Ever since leaving my “dream job” (for a man in Chicago….can you believe that!), I have longed for the day to get back to doing this again in a church. 

After having a beautiful little girl almost a year and half ago my life has change significantly! I am a stay at home Mom now, which leaves me no time or availablitlity to find a church that will hire me as their Outreach Coordinator/Pastor.   Not to mention, these kinds of positions don’t really exist at many churches (well at least paid that is).  This leads me to my 52 Week Challenge.  Over the next year I am going to plan an outreach once a week to the people around me!  I realized through prayer and some wonderful mentors  God has put in my life, that I don’t need to be on staff at a church to fulfill God’s call on my life to reach out to  people in need!

The reason that I am blogging about this is two-fold:  One:  I want to teach my little girl what it means to live a life of servanthood, compassion, and love.  What it means to be a Woman with heart that emulates God’s.  Two:  I am ready to use the gift that God has given me to reach out to people with love.  We life in a world that is selfish and cold.  What we need is men and women to step up and be an example of what it really means to love like Jesus loved!  1 John 4:7-8  “Dear Friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.  Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.”

So let the challenge begin!!  Week one will start on February 8, 2010.  I’m excited to see over the next 52 weeks what God is going to do through me and in the people he gives me the honor of blessing with his never-ending, unconditional LOVE.



  1. Can’t wait to see how this turns out. Love you!

  2. Liz Banas said,

    You’re an amazing woman! Over the years, I’ve enjoyed watching you interact with people. You are warm, engaging and an encourager. I’m glad you’ve realized that God hasn’t called us to be paid, but rather willing to use our gifts in service to Him at anytime. I’m looking forward to hearing about the opportunities that God puts before you.

  3. Andrea Lathrop said,

    Love you, Sis! Can’t wait to hear about stuff – maybe we will use some of your ideas at The Oaks. 🙂
    I believe in you and love what God is doing in your life.

  4. Lisa Keith said,

    Love you, Kelly! So excited to hear all God does with your willing heart. You will impact many for the Kingdom.

  5. Sandy Kern Bryan. said,

    Go Girl!! The Lord is going to lead you on all kinds of adventures because of your willing & obedient heart.
    Love you!!

  6. Amy Wakefield said,

    That is awesome! I can’t wait to hear all the ways that God is going to use you. You are amazing!

  7. Mandy Porter said,

    Kelly this is amazing, I’m going to take your ideas and do them in Silverdale, WA 🙂
    You are changing the world

  8. Thank you everyone for your love, support and encouraging words!! I pray that this year will be a year that will bring about REAL CHANGE!! Let’s impact this world with the LOVE of Jesus!!

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