February 22, 2010

Outreach #2

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Wow….getting these outreaches off the ground and running has been quite the process!!  I had to have a background check and references done to visit the Senior Citizen home.  That took a week, and now I am in the clear (phew!) so Addie and I will go and visit some of the elderly this week at Brighton Gardens.

Last Thursday we also delivered some homemade chocolate chip cookies to our local Wheaton Fire Department.  That was so much fun!!  The firemen were so grateful.  They even offered for us to come into the firehouse and chat for a while.  I explained to all of them that Addie and I just wanted them to know they were appreciated and that we made the cookies to show our gratefulness for their courage, service and sacrifice for all of us.  I also slipped into the conversation that God loves us so much and we want to demonstrate  HIS  love to those around us. 

On our way home I talked to Addison about what we  had just done.  I know she doesn’t really understand it all right now at 16 months, but my prayer is that I instill in her what it means to show God’s love to those around us.  This is such an important lesson to learn, and my prayer is that Addison will become a woman who resonates God’s heart!

Below are some pictures that I took on the day of our outreach.  Unfortunately, I left my camera in the car when we went into the Fire Department, so I didn’t get any pics of the firemen that we delivered the cookies to. 

Addison enjoying a cookie before we delivered them to the Fire Department.

Our homemade cookies with a note of appreciation for the Fire Department

"The Official Cookie Taste Tester

Wheaton Fire Department

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