March 5, 2010

Outreach #4

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Yummy homemade coffee cake!

This morning our outreach was to our pediatrician’s Office.  We absolutely love Dr. Jao, our pediatrician.  The nurses and staff  make sure every one is cared for in a special way.  I always leave Addison’s appointments feeling so thankful to everyone at the office.  I thought it would be wonderful to let Dr. Jao and her entire staff know just how thankful we are to all of them for their hard work and caring hearts. 

I decided to bake a coffee cake and deliver it to our doctors office along with a thank you note expressing our deep gratitude for everyone at the office.  This was my first time making a coffee cake ( I usually just pick one up at our local grocery store), but this time I wanted it to be extra special.  Thankfully my wonderful sister, Kimberly emailed me an easy recipe and it turned out great! 🙂  While I was putting Addie in her car seat I explained to her that we were going to say thank you to Dr. Jao, but I think at this point she just thought she was running yet another errand with Mommy!

When we got to Dr. Jao’s office I went to the reception desk and handed the coffee cake and thank you note to the nice lady.  She said a thank you with a big smile, and I told her I just wanted everyone there to know that we appreciate their hard work and care.  As I turned around to leave I noticed the office was packed with parents and their sick children.  For some reason at this point I felt as though all eyes were on me and Addison as we headed toward the door to leave.  My eye caught the smile of man waiting with his son, I smiled back and left knowing in full assurance that God really wanted me to do this outreach today!

A sign outside our Doctor's office



  1. Sandy Kern Bryan. said,

    Yea!!! You as God’s people are shining His love to those wo/PTL!!!!

  2. Lisa Keith said,

    This is how they’ll know that we belong to Him…when we LOVE one another!
    Love you, Kelly!

  3. Lisa Keith said,

    Oh my goodness…just looked at your pics. Addison looks just like you!

  4. Proud of you Kelly. Keep up the good work!

  5. Rick Weinberg said,

    I can’t wait to join you on one of the outreaches. You are doing a great job doing what God wants you to do! I love you!

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