April 13, 2010

Outreach #9 (Free Coffee)

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When I woke up on Friday morning I decided to bless someone in line behind me at Starbuck’s with a free drink of their choice.  When I arrived at one of the busiest Starbuck’s in Wheaton the place was desolate.  There were a few people at tables talking and drinking their coffee beverages, but there was absolutely no one in line.  This was very unusual for this Starbuck’s location.  I decided after ordering my drink to hand the cashier a five dollar bill.  I told her to buy the drink of the next person who walks in.  The cashier looked at me with a confused expression on her face.  She said she didn’t understand why I would do that.  I told her that I just wanted to bless someone today with a free coffee.  She told me that was very nice thing to do and that not many people are that giving.  I smiled and once again told her I just want to bless someone because I am so blessed.  I didn’t elaborate that my blessing was really knowing Jesus the giver of all good things.  I kind of regreted not being more vocal about that, but my prayer is that I at least sowed a seed of what God’s love looks like.

I don’t know who received that free coffee, but I hope that whomever it was it brought a smile to their face.  I prayed on my way home from Starbuck’s for the employee’s at that particular Starbuck’s along with the person who was told their drink was free.   I kept thinking of the verse in the Bible where Jesus tells us to love one another just as he loved us.  He goes on to say, “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”  John 13:35.   That is my heart’s cry!!  May people I know I am a disciple of Christ because of the way I love others!!  AMEN!

Wheaton Starbucks




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